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As you begin to reframe your limiting beliefs you are taking small steps into changing your behaviour, at the start of the course we talked a lot about purpose, values, and what we desire. 

You were able to get a clear picture of your doubts, fears, and who you are wanting to become. The deep work begins here, you aren’t going to believe you are good at creating sustainable change unless you see the evidence in your behaviour. You aren’t going to believe you can succeed in reaching your true WHY if you aren’t beginning to take aligned action. 

Limiting core beliefs develop unconsciously as a result of the environment we grow up in. Having awareness of those core beliefs creates choice, and choice is exactly what you need to change them.

Now that I’m aware of my limiting core beliefs and their function:

  • Do you want to continue to take actions from the place of limiting core beliefs that you hold about yourself? Or;
  • Can you acknowledge their existence and function, and choose to learn how to take actions aligned to your values?


How do we integrate these new learnings into your life?

Using what you know above you are going to apply the timeline to your everyday life and begin to take aligned action.

Tools to help with limiting beliefs 

Practice  to help you reframe your mindset and move through your limiting beliefs

  • Organize your environment, is it filled with thin 
  • Explore – Do you need to move out of your comfort zone, meet new people, take a class, read a new book that aligns with your goals?
  • Speak with a therapist: Our preferred therapist is Alma. If you need support feel free to reach out to her via email at [email protected]
  • Affirmations- From the work, you have already done, what affirmations could you add into your daily life?


  • I am moving through limiting beliefs and am learning new ones 
  • I am abundant in all areas of my life and am open to receiving
  • I release all resistance in attracting money
  • I am calling in the next version of myself
  • I am moving through limiting beliefs and am learning new ones 


Aligned action-Routine/scheduling 

Aligned action is a tool that you are going to use in your everyday life, it is a skill that can become so powerful in manifesting what you want that you won’t look back once you learn about how it works. As you already know, it is your responsibility to be the change you want to see. Aligned action is trusting in yourself wholeheartedly in the purpose you have and taking action in accordance with that purpose. That purpose being YOU and coming back to your true desires at the start of this course. 

To make it simple, it’s trusting in yourself when your boss, partner, family or friends don’t. 

How do we bring aligned action into our lives?

What we do know is it takes time to create sustainable change, knowing what you do know about your goals, purpose, and why. It is a problem-solving approach by addressing the blocks you have learned about yourself earlier on in the course. 


Here is an example of aligned action 

Steve has a start-up business, he is in his second year of growing his company. So far he has made quite a bit of money and his team has rapidly expanded. He works about 60+ hours a week to keep the business afloat, he doesn’t have time for himself and although he knows his business is successful without him being in the building doing most of the business wouldn’t work as well. 

He has dreamed of financial freedom his whole life and he has actually achieved that, however, it has come at a great cost. His time! He often asks himself, is this worth it? I am 31 and spend all my time at work. I am not happy and although I dreamed of having my own business it’s taken me away from my true purpose and I realise that it’s not money I want, it’s freedom, and do not have to be in the office 24/7, IN FACT he would like to take 30 hours off his week!


How does steve begin to take aligned action? 

Steve knows he has trust issues, that’s why he is working so much. In his eyes he is the best man for the job but he is ready to make a change and this is how he is going to do it!

  1. Mute the noise- Steve is stuck in the mindset of hustle, hustle, hustle he follows about influencers that preach the 5 am wake-ups and sleep is for the weak! His first job is, jump off that bandwagon, mute and get off any of the outside influence that actually is stressing him out more. 
  2. End goal- Writing out his end goal and saving it as his home screen on his phone is able to help him look at the bigger picture when he feels like he needs to do more. His end goal is working 30 hours a week and having a CEO. What he knows is that in order to do that he needs to hire himself an assistant and ask for help, Steve can afford to do this so the next day he is able to post an ad. An assistant is really quite far away from a CEO BUT it is a trust exercise that he is willing to take part in to get him to the bigger picture. 
  3. Visualization- Steve hasn’t once stopped and thought about what the future holds, he has been running the rat race. Every day Steve is now taking 5 minutes of his day to think about his BIGGEST desires, he pictures them in his mind and begins to create the belief that it is more than possible to achieve these dreams.  
  4. Identify the gaps- Now Steve has a pretty clear idea of where he was going wrong he is able to continue to work towards aligned action, a gap he sees is that he does literally nothing for himself so he doesn’t actually know what time freedom feels like. Starting from Monday he won’t be going into the office until 10 am, he is way too anxious to have a whole day off however he feels comfortable in managing the later start. This has given Steve 7 extra hours a week to himself! Without trying too hard he created a commitment to himself and his time freedom by cutting down his work week to 53 hours!! The gap here was trust and anxiety.


Applying aligned action to your life

  1. Are there any areas in your life that you are applying aligned actions already?
  2. What does it look like (behaviour)?
  3. What does it feel like (emotions)?
  4. How do you know that your actions are aligned with your values?
  5. Knowing that you want to elevate yourself to version 2.0, what areas in your life do you want to bring into aligned action?


A way to break things down could be to create a pie chart:

  • Write down the areas of your life that you want to bring aligned action to
  • Group them together so you’ll end up with 5 groups (choose a heading for each)
  • Create a pie chart of your current situation, using the five groups and writing down in % how much time you currently invest in those areas
  • Create another pie chart reflecting your desired distribution (in %) of time invested into those areas
  • Pick the heading that feels most relevant to you right now to begin

Note: you can either use a pen and paper to create your pie chart or use excel.

Fill out each section just like Steve, applying the steps you will take to achieve your desires that you have realised since starting this course.

  1. Mute the noise:
  2. End goal:
  3. Visualization:
  4. Identify the gaps:



Knowing what we do know about aligned action it is important now to make time in your everyday life to apply your new learnings. 

Scheduling is a tool that can be used to plan your activities so that you can achieve your desired goals and priorities in the time you have available. When it’s done effectively, it helps you: understand what you can realistically achieve with your time.

Scheduling helps to establish a routine- as a result, you’re able to create more structure, this is going to allow you to navigate uncertainty when it comes up or interfere with your end goals of becoming version 2.0. It can be quite easy to fall back into your limiting beliefs, using scheduling as a tool is a great habit to adhere to. 


“You cannot guarantee anything in life, however, you can make your life a lot less stressful”.

Time is one of your most valuable resources that, earlier in the course, we spoke about muting the noise and creating new habits

In order for you to create sustainable change as we spoke about before you need to continue to reinforce these new behaviors you have learned, making time every single day to create aligned action is KEY. It is important to remember this can be done in baby steps and over time, you are not trying to flip your life upside in one second. What you are doing though is creating the new behaviours that are going to take you to your end goal!


Weekly task 

  1. Take out your phone and begin to make a plan. 
  2. What does your morning routine look like? Can you allow yourself 20 minutes of your time?
  3. What time does work start? Do you have meetings to plan?
  4. Lunch break, how long?
  5. After work, can you exercise, dedicate 1 hour to self-development?


There is no right or wrong, this is all about creating a sustainable routine for your goals. 

The second action you will take each day towards elevating yourself to version 2.0, this is to be an ongoing practice that you will continue to apply weekly and then daily once you get into the habit of these new actions. 


Here are some examples:

These practices are new ones that you’re bringing into your everyday life. They are the ones that you possibly feel scared to commit to, it is great to base this new practice on one of your limiting beliefs. If you remember from earlier in the course Jane was learning about money, she took time out to look into investment books and courses which helped her create a new belief system. 


Jane’s plan:

  • Therapy 
  • 20 x minutes of reading 
  • 30x  minutes towards research 
  • 1 x hour on your passion project 
  • 1 x hour job searching 
  • 30 x minutes money management